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Aggression Archetype: Troop Commander

The Troop Commander archetype is a very fun playstyle in Marvel Champions. It's an Aggression deck that focuses on playing allies and buffing their attack with upgrades and support cards. The idea is to let your allies do the heavy lifting for you, while you provide the support they need to be successful. In this post, we'll go over some of the key cards and strategies you'll need to master to make the Troop Commander archetype work.

First off, let's talk about cards that will support any hero running this strategy. Boot Camp is a key support card that gives a +1 attack boost to all of your allies. This is a bit expensive, but if you can justify getting it to the table early, it can pay off big over the course of the game.

Another card that works well with this strategy is Sidearm. This is a basic card that gives a +1 attack and range boost to an ally, making it a great way to quickly beef up your troops and make sure they do not get eaten by retaliate.

To keep your allies alive and kicking, you'll need ways to heal them and First Aid is a great option. This card allows you to heal two damage from a character, which can be a lifesaver in tough, long, battles.

When it comes to tribal cards, the Guardians of the Galaxy have some great options. Energy spear is a fantastic addition to your arsenal. Targeting Red Guardian allies, like Marvel Boy and Throg, to give them +2 attack and piercing is very strong but the real star of the show are the Basic Guardian allies.

For X-Men decks, the Attack Training card is a must-have. It grants a +1 attack and 2 HP boost to an ally, making it a great way to quickly beef up your troops. Team Strike is another card that works well with this archetype, as it allows you to deal extra damage to the villain without taking consequential damage on your allies. As for X-Men allies, Wolverine is a top pick with his high attack, piercing ability, and ability to heal himself. Dust is also a good choice in high-minion scenarios, while Colossus is a great basic ally to consider.


Finally, we'll touch on some fun deck builds using specific heroes. Doctor Strange is a great choice for the Troop Commander archetype, as he can play Cosmo and use him to cycle the invocation deck. With Cosmo never taking damage he can easily help cycle to the best card for the situation for the most powerful hero in the game.

Storm is another top pick, as she can make it Thunderstorm and give all of the characters, including her allies, a +1 attack boost. This combos incredibly efficiently with Boot Camp allowing Storm to throw down some massive damage.

And if you're looking to build an Avengers deck, Scarlet Witch and her signature ally Quicksilver make a deadly combination. Quicksilver gets a free ready every round allowing him to put out damage very quickly.


In conclusion, the Troop Commander archetype is a fun and powerful way to play Marvel Champions. With the right cards and strategies, you can turn your allies into a powerful army that can take down even the toughest villains. So if you're looking for a new challenge in this game, give Troop Commander a try and see what kind of havoc you can unleash on your enemies.

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